17 Nov

To India with Love

The tiny village in southern India wouldn’t be on the wish list of most travellers. Hot, dry and poor,  it’s best known for  factories that produce matches and fireworks.

But I had a particular reason for making the two-hour drive there from Madurai airport. I was going to meet Kavya, the thirteen-year-old girl I have sponsored for four years through the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC). I was both excited and nervous.

Reading about how my donations are helping communities is heartwarming, but I always wondered how much good I was actually doing. I wanted to see for myself. read more…

15 Feb

Marseille’s Magnificent Makeover


Julia Child compared Marseille’s hot noise to Paris’s cool sophistication. When she lived there in the 1950s, she described it as “a rich broth of vigorous, emotional, uninhibited life” — a veritable “bouillabaisse of a city.”  But the celebrated chef wouldn’t recognize the second largest city in France since the latest of its many makeovers. Once thought of by many as rough and crude,  Marseille was dubbed the European Capital of Culture in 2013. The city is fast catching up to Paris as a tourist destination and some visitors say it surpasses the City of Lights. One thing Paris doesn’t have is the Mediterranean. read the full story

27 Nov

Great Vancouver Island Culinary Road Trip


One of the best things about the Pacific Marine Circle Route is that it is pretty much undiscovered by food lovers. The southern Vancouver Island driving route offers everything from high-end resorts serving gourmet meals to beachside shacks selling pizza slices. In between, you’ll have long stretches of highway mostly to yourself, without a Starbucks or Golden Arches in sight. (British Columbia Magazine, Summer 2016)  read more…

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