Writing, Social Media, Photography

I’m a full-time independent writer, cookbook author and photographer with articles and photos published in local and international magazines and newspapers. I’ve always had the urge to travel and one of my fondest childhood memories is pouring over my stamp collection, dreaming of far-flung places. Now I’m living that dream.

Thanks to a wealth of life experience, I’m adept at crafting compelling stories on other topics, including business, environmental and legal issues. And I love writing anything about food–another passion.

My clients and editors say that I haveĀ a level of confidence and understanding that makes for excellent, insightful interviews. I have ongoing work with large corporations, including online copywriting, writing newsletters, blogs and social media. I am proud to say that my writing has helped not-for-profit organizations raise funds through successful grant applications, and my travel writing has helped create awareness for other organizations.