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I’ve always had the urge to travel. My most vivid childhood memory is poring over my stamp collection and dreaming of far-flung places. As a travel writer I’ve been fortunate to live that dream but since the pandemic I’m at home and focused on another passion: dogs.  For many years I looked after dozens of dogs at Lizzy’s Social Club in Vancouver and now I’ve started Kinver K9s in the Esquimalt-Victoria area. I would love to hear from you if your dog needs a few hours a day or a few weeks while you’re on vacay!

I’m a full-time independent writer, cookbook author and photographer with award-winning articles and photos published in local and international magazines and newspapers.

Thanks to a wealth of life experience, I’m adept at crafting compelling stories on other topics, including business, environmental and legal issues. And I love writing anything about food–another passion.

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